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My name is Alexandra, and I live with my husband in Carolina, Puerto Rico. I love sewing, design, reading magazines and Christian books, music and exercise. I’m originally from Ponce, Puerto Rico. That’s where I grew up, studied and met my husband.


Since I was little, I’ve always shown interest in the world of fashion. When I was little, I used to create paper dolls with my own paper clothes designs and take them with me when my mom and I went shopping. The people passing by used to look at me weird, but I completely enjoyed it. Little did I know, that I was cultivating my passion for fashion and that it would became my calling.


When I was 15 years old, I started taking basic sewing courses at a local institute. At this point, is where I started designing and selling handbags and scrunchies at my school. So strong was my passion for fashion, which made me study Fashion Design at the Pontifical Catholic University of Puerto Rico.


I have participated in several fashion competitions through my career. Among these was “Proyecto Plazarela”, a similar concept to that of Project Runway, which was broadcasted in Telemundo. Along with 9 others designers, we gave life to this show. I manage to win one of the weekly challenges and finished as one of the top 4.


My brand name, Alexia & Vogue, was born in 2007 as I was designing a prototype of my store. I remember sitting one night with my mom brainstorming until we came up with Alexia & Vogue. In the same year, I opened my business at my house. Thanks to my mom, she gave me the family room without hesitation to open up my atelier.


I decided to continue studying a BBA in Marketing and Entrepreneurship to help me promote and develop my business and took a digital embroidery course to expand my range. During that time, I was employed through a federal program called "Gear Up" to teach various courses to high-school seniors that had difficulties during the transition from high school to college. I had the opportunity to teach basic sewing, runway modeling and refinement.

In 2012, I got married and moved to the the capital city, San Juan. I had to make a pause to my business and focus on a part-time job, the house and my husband. Also, I continued studying and accomplished two MBA, one in Management and the other in Human Resources. However, my love and passion for fashion won over. Thanks to the unconditional support of my husband, my mom, and my family, I have returned to what I love.


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