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Product by Request:

  • Products in store:


You loved a design of the store but it's sold out or you want it but with some changes (color, pockets, fabrics, embroidery ... etc). Don't worry, we offer the option to customize your product. Write a request of what the product is and how you want it. With pleasure, we will receive your request and we will contact you as soon as possible.


**You have the option for choice the fabric for the product, write us a message,we send you our wide variety of fabrics and you can choose the one you like best.

  • EXCLUSIVE designs (spandex):

Tell us your style and we will design your exclusive product. Just send us your request, we will gladly assist you and will create your exclusive product. Whether you are an athlete, dancer, rocker, fashion ... write us and we will help you to make the final product just as you dreamed it!


* We specialize in spandex fabrics for clothing. For orders or more information:

  • Wholesale Special Orders:


We offer services for sports teams, dance teams, special school activities, among others. Write your request and we will gladly assist you.


Thanks! Message sent.

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